About us

Thanks for joining us on the Experience Adventure Travel website. We are a specialist travel agency with many years' experience organising adventure and special interest holidays to destinations across the globe.

The opportunities for 'adventure travel' have never been better. In years past, it was thought to be the preserve of gap-year travellers or backpackers staying in cheap hostels , hiking from place to place, and doing everything on the tightest of budgets.

Obviously, whilst we can still help you if you fall into this category, and have access to fabulous products which will give you some amazing experiences, we can say with confidence that there is now an adventure holiday for you whatever your age, whatever your level of fitness, and staying everywhere from boutique hotels to luxury lodges.

Adventure holidays don't just cover hiking and trekking either, although we've got some fantastic holidays for this, but also include cycling, motorbiking, cross-country skiing, sailing and numerous other ways of getting from place to place. You certainly don't even have to be in peak physical shape to get the most out of your adventure travel experience. We have great holidays for you if your idea of adventure is taking amazing photos, painting beautiful scenery, cooking or sampling unforgettable meals with local families to eating in high quality restaurants.

There are adventure holidays for you whether you are a single traveller, groups of friends, young couples, older couples, and more and more of our partners are coming up with amazing ideas for families with young children to teenagers.

Our staff team too covers the whole age range, and interests with each person bringing their own area of expertise and knowledge to ensuring that you get the very best adventure travel experience.